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Posted by bini08 on September 17, 2008

With the slogan “ ABIRAM BANGLAR MUKH” (Always Bangali faces) the Asian Television Network ATN Bangla started its journey. ATN Bangla aims at promoting media and cultural world. Dynamism is the key word for ATN Bangla. It has opened up opportunities for national and international interactions in the broadcasting world through satellite transmission. Besides supplying visual material within and outside the country, ATN Bangla aims at providing information, entertainment and education through its programmes all over the world.

In my Internship I only focused ATN Bangla News and Current Affairs (NCA) department. Because I  am extremely interested about news. From Independent University, Bangladesh I learned about Electronic media. That’s why I am doing my internship in News and current Affairs department.

Television News is one of the contemporary ways of informing people. The uniqueness of news attracts people of all ages because the stories are not only essential but also unavoidable. It is clear that news creates huge impact on respective societies. Now a day we can notice that with out watching news people can’t give there step ahead. A businessman, sports person, Political people, General people, Students, House wives, working woman all type of human have to watch news.

The expert broadcasters operate the key time to broadcasting news stories. They connect all types of basic reporting strategies for gathering news. The news makers have to organize what incident or occasion might provide to people’s concentration and how to present those stories using electronic media. Afterwards, they set the outline and presentation priorities. Lastly the news makers modernize the incident cooperative the dominant cultural codes and standards of the society. So. News making method determines what should be treated as NEWS STORY and what events or incidents should not.

In my work I shall try to focus on ATN Bangla news activity, which was pretty similar with the other world reputed satellite channels from around the globe. The news room of any channel offers the most excellent potential opportunity to discover and investigate the news making procedure as well as the presentation system of the station. The production of news stories and the news presentation pursue the reporting and editing protocols.

From the begging ATN Bangla was successful in reaction the pulsation of public mind. It succeeded in achieving popularity in news within a very petite time. ATN Bangla gave highest priority on and brought in originality in news. Although ATN Bangla concurrently produced some sensitive and high quality news programs and gradually delved in to country’s most popular, entire and cared for satellite TV channel.

Julius Reuter said that NEWS IS THE CHANGING PROCESS IN A CHANGING WORLD, WHICH SHAPES THE LIVES OF ALL MANKIND. Traditional designation said that News is New, True and Interesting.

During my internship in ATN Bangla news room I have to seriously examined and investigated the method of news construction. I have also noticed the presence of political and ideological influence of the ruling political party in making of the news stories.




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